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Sierra Hot Tub Co. is an authorized Bullfrog Spas dealer located at 3399 Main St Unit G in Mammoth Lakes. We have licensed contractors and have over 8 years experience in the pool and spa business. Sierra Hot Tub Co. is here for all your pool and spa needs in Mono County, California.

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At Bullfrog Spas, we believe that when people have peaceful lives, the world is a better place. We create an experience that offers customers a more peaceful body, a more peaceful mind, and a more peaceful home.

Our products ease pain, improve sleep, and help the body recover and regenerate—that’s the peaceful body. Our products help people reduce stress, escape, and unwind—that’s the peaceful mind. And our products bring people together to communicate, to connect, and to love—that’s the peaceful home.

We care about our customers, we honor our commitment to supporting their lives the best we can, and we believe that, by doing so, we can earn and inspire trust.